Virtual Reality

Metaverse Tours: Dive into the Metaverse with Dominique Vyborna, a VR expert from the McComb's School of Business. Experience a tailored 2-hour tour, unlocking business opportunities and immersive fun in VRChat, Spatial, and Horizon Worlds. Explore, learn, and pioneer your place in the digital frontier!

VR Events: Creating and managing remote social events INSIDE social VR applications. Or running VR events, in person!

VR Design: Unity worldbuilding and app prototyping.

Please email dominique@empressvr.com to schedule a discovery call.

Empowering People

We didn't come this far to only come this far! Giving equitable access to mentorship and foundational support to get you to the next level of your creative career. Understanding that supporting diversity within our community means making space for all voices while respecting diversity of thought, experience, and culture. We listen for big dreams and provide a what is needed and wanted to empower our community members to design their own ideal career and thrive in it!

Resolving Trauma

Acknowledging that no one gets out of life unscathed, EmpressVR is founded on principles which focus on supporting all humans with what they need to go from surviving to thriving, resolving any difficult past experiences that hold us back before serving as a springboard for a compassionate career. We approach mentorship from a trauma informed management model, knowing that many of us came out of the pandemic exhausted and burned out, and that having the freedom to meet our human needs inside a work environment is the foundation for healing. Additionally, we explore topics in VR such as digital therapeutics, trauma healing education, and mental health storytelling to support our communities!