Dane Willacker - Man with light brown hair in a red coat with a cliff face in the background

Founding Member


Skills : Unity Developer, XR, Programmer, Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Sound Designer

About me

A future-oriented tech nerd currently exploring how to use technology to amplify one's creativity. 

He spent years in graphic design using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator creating logos, flyers, and brand identities for concerts. Then years in electronic music production using Ableton Live. As he continued to explore ways of expanding his creativity and technical skills, he made the decision to go the University of Hawaii for Computer Science. He now combines these skills together as a game developer using Unity. Experienced in C#, while familiar with Python, HTML, and CSS. 

Today he is focused on Virtual Reality development while harboring other interests in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. He also enjoys spending his time becoming more inspired by traveling, exploring the outdoors, and surfing.

My Projects

A Metaverse for Mental Health

Control Superpowers Using Hand-tracking


Train Pet Neural Networks