Tahmina Khanam Luna

Founding Member


Skills : VR Artist, Designer

About me

Being a creative and imaginative person, Tanu was drawn to the world of virtual reality as soon as she put on her first VR headset. As a VR artist, she was selected as one of the featured artists for the Earth Day Challenge 2021 of VR game “Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia” and her VR painting “Glowing Wanderers” was showcased on the XR Showcase 2021 hosted by XR Atlanta. Some of her favorite painting tools are Tilt Brush/ Open Brush, Gravity Sketch, Masterpiece Studio and Oculus Quill 2.0.

Throughout her time studying at Universe, she has made logos, game assets, trailers and scenes for VR games, an Intro video for an Altspace VR event, VR worlds, animated kits for the students and hosted events in her created world for the VR Burning Man Festival. In addition to working with the game engine Unity, she also works with Front End Web Development tools such as HTML, SCSS, CSS and the programming language JavaScript. She was born and raised in Dhaka Bangladesh where she earned a Masters of Pharmacy degree and worked as a Hospital Pharmacist for Evercare Hospital. She has been involved with teaching and training for over a decade. Being passionate about science and art, she has been an active member of Cosmic Culture of Bangladesh, VR Art Live and Liberal Arts Society of Tennessee.

My Projects

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