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An Incorrigible geek and enthusiastic life-long learner, Dominique is a digital artist, project manager, and founder of EmpressVR.

From her first career as a welder and an artist creating large scale metal sculptures for Burning Man and Coachella to graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused in Supply Chain Management from The University of Texas at Austin, Dominique has been applying a growth mindset to cultivate skills and create opportunities for contribution in all of her communities.

Passionate about equality, empowerment, and creating trauma-informed workspaces, Dominique is currently exploring digital therapeutics to treat PTSD utilizing VR tech while pursuing a master's degree in Virtual and Extended Realities from The University of the West of England. Plans for the launch of EmpressVR as a VR design studio and community development space are in the works for after graduation in January 2023!