What We Do

The EmpressVR Community is being created using a democratic leadership model, with two main goals: 

1. To empower community members through memberships that provide access to training, mentorship, tools, and networking opportunities within VR App and Game Development.

2. To give designers/developers complete control over the type of content that they create, developing directly for the communities they are a part of! 

Our Projects

Originally developed as a submission to the AWE XR Climate Challenge, Sunlink a groundbreaking virtual reality experience designed to inspire action and foster awareness about climate change

An exploration of tiny FPV VR controlled robots that are created with principles of art, and joy, and exploration.

An immersive map of the terrain of trauma healing, to assist folks who may be awakening to the impact of their own trauma and empower them to explore their own healing journey.

The Self We Find invites you to rediscover the joyful part of you that may have been left behind through engaging in an interactive mixed reality experience that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality!

Our global community is taking action locally, check to see if there are any events local to you here!

Our community provides empowerment by creating skill share events around VR development, 3D modelling, project management, team leadership, grant writing, and community building. Check out some videos here!

Fireside is a social virtual reality campfire experience with listening spots and a guided meditation spot, to meet people and connect with community.

Shadows of Combat is a high-res prototype developed following a brief by Industry Partner and Artist, Farhad Berahman which demonstrate the experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) flashbacks from combat trauma and the impact on the quality of life of a person living with this disorder.