Originally developed as a submission to the AWE XR Climate Challenge, Sunlink a groundbreaking virtual reality experience designed to inspire action and foster awareness about climate change. In this immersive journey, you will explore the power of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) and their integration with greenhouses to create sustainable, closed-loop systems.

Production Team:
Dane Willacker - Lead Developer
Tahmina Khanam - VR Artist
Tracie O'Neil - 3D Modeler
Jana Thompson - Designer, Climate Advisor, Strategist
Jonas Stoor - Developer
Dominique Vyborna - Storytelling Design Advisor
John Howard - Developer, 3D Modeler

To make this world more accessible to everyone, we've put a version of the MVP's world into a VR Social App called Spatial. They have a web-based version, so you can check out our world from your web browser! Check it out here! 

Here are some photos of our EmpressVR community having a social event in the Sunlink World!

We even jumped off the waterfall that Dano made! 

Sunlink's mission is to educate users about the impact of individual choices on the environment, with a focus on the next generation who will face the challenges posed by a changing climate. Dive into the captivating world of MFCs, where organic waste is transformed into electricity and valuable resources, powering greenhouse systems and nurturing plants in an eco-friendly cycle.