Ruth Mariner

Ruth Mariner - a woman with long straight brown hair and bangs, red lipstick, and a yellow shirt



Skills : Storyteller, Writer, Director, Producer, Facilitator, Grant Writer

About me

"I'm an award-winning writer & director creating story-driven experiences in the mediums of opera, multimedia performance and immersive technology (XR). I'm excited by future storytelling methods that fuse techniques from theatre, video games & film, to create new realities with greater capacity for connection, ritual and magic.


Inspired by its heightened symbolism and immersive sound-world, I began my career in opera, working as a writer & director for companies including The Royal Opera House, English Touring Opera and The Royal Academy of Music. I developed a keen sensitivity for synthesizing multiple mediums into a 'total artwork.' 

I then began creating interdisciplinary performance projects & experiences for museums, hospitals & communities, working with organisations including The Museum of London, The Eden Project & The British Red Cross. My projects won multiple awards and were featured on BBC Radio 3, ITV and Channel 4 news.

When a research grant from Arts Council England and Akademie der Künste, Berlin revealed to me the potential of XR technologies (virtual and augmented reality) to create new forms of story experience with the power to subvert or radically expand reality, I knew I had to help build this new medium. "

My Projects