Virtual Reality Projects

Final Major Project - MA Virtual and Extended Realities

Collaborators: Abil Gunawan and Jaye Marigold

As we grow up, we leave behind a part of ourselves. We are told to be serious, work hard, study, to grow up. And we do, but the part of ourselves that loves to play, to delight in the joy of living is stil there... The Self We Find invites you to rediscover the part of you that may have been left behind through engaging in an interactive mixed reality experience that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality!

A work-in-progress of an experimental collaboration between Hemma Philamore, Lecturer in Robotics at the University of Bristol and Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Dominique Vyborna, founder of EmpressVR.

Fire Lookout 14

Work In Progress - Ongoing

Shadows of Combat

VR App Prototype - August 2022

Created in partnership with Farhad Berahman, Industry Partner for the MA Virtual and Extended Realities Storylab Module at the University of the West of England.

Storyline developed by Yihan Du, Pablo de las Cuevas, and Dominique Vyborna. Sound by Yihan Du. Unreal Engine flashback scenes by Pablo de las Cuevas. Unity application by Dominique Vyborna. Voiceover Iain J McCaffery.

Lighting, sound, and scene changes are used to create the as-lived experience of a combat veteran experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms, such as anxiety, flashbacks, neurological dysregulation, and associated substance use disorder.

Exploring the Shadows

VR App Prototype - 2022
Development Ongoing - Projected completion January 2024