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Immersive Showcase 2023

Welcome to the Digital Program!

You made it to the Immersive Showcase at Co-op Mode, an evening with local immersive creators to share and discuss immersive works. We’re thrilled to have you here!

The evening will run from 18:00 - 21:00, with the following schedule:

18:00 Demos
19:00 Presentations
20:00 Social Hour

Please see the map and blurbs about the individual exhibits below. 

Presentations will start at 7pm:

Dominique Vyborna – Introductions

Eirini Lampiri – “Is This My Body?” and “Cognition”

Marcus Smith – StoryTrails: The People’s Map Bristol

Ruth Mariner - Live Mocap (Motion Capture) & Emotional Expression

Presented by:

Dominique Vyborna

Ruth Mariner

Ben Byford



The Virtual Reality Oracle (VRO) is a ground-breaking first-person virtual reality experience of consulting the god Zeus at the ancient Greek oracle at Dodona, NW Greece. The project team, from the universities of Bristol, Bath and Kings College, London, is led by Esther Eidinow at the University of Bristol, and is funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AH/T004673/1). For more information about the project, visit our website.  

Project by Dominique Vyborna in collaboration with Salsabila (Abil) Gunawan and J.R Marigold.

As we grow up, we leave behind a part of ourselves. We are told to be serious, work hard, study, to grow up. And we do, but the part of ourselves that loves to play, to delight in the joy of living is still there... The Self We Find invites you to rediscover the part of you that may have been left behind through engaging in an interactive mixed reality experience that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality!

Tiny Robots!

These Tiny Robots are a work-in-progress of an experimental collaboration between Hemma Philamore, Lecturer in Robotics at the University of Bristol and Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Dominique Vyborna, founder of EmpressVR.

Hemma has specialisms in soft, energy-autonomous and bio-hybrid robots. She develops robots for exploring and investigating the natural world and works with artists and performers on interactive artworks combining sound, touch, and play. 

Dominique just really wants to give folks the experience of what it feels like to be a Tiny Robot in VR, exploring a big exciting world!

Marcus Smith will be presenting about StoryTrails: The People's Map Bristol.

Marcus is a media and creative type based in Bristol. He was recently a creative practitioner on StoryTrails, the UK's largest immersive experience, which was nominated for an SXSW Award and received an Honoree Webby Award. Marcus is also a producer and presenter at BCfm Radio and an emerging independent filmmaker. He loves Thai food, football fan TV, traveling, and redbush tea.

Eirini Lampiri - Presenting on "Is This My Body?" and "Cognition"

What is happening to your physical body and senses when you go virtual?

Eirini Lampiri will talk about her projects, “Is This My Body?” and “Cognition”.

Skeptical towards the use of technology and its integration into our everyday lives, Eirini attempts to bridge the physical and the virtual, redefining how materiality co-exists with virtuality. She is a Production Designer, Art Director and Maker with an interdisciplinary skillset that spans across visual storytelling, interactive experiences (XR, MR, VR, AR), filmmaking, performance and installation art. Through her work and practice-based research she advocates co-design, inclusivity and thought-provoking use of technology.

An exploration of the acting and design techniques to facilitate emotional connection and audience engagement within motion capture. Over the last six months, writer and director Ruth Mariner and motion capture actor Maggie Bain have been working with XR Stories’ David Gochfeld to explore the tools and techniques required for live motion capture performance to move an audience emotionally, as well as the process needed for the actor to feel connected to the character and avatar they are acting through. We are now entering phase 2 of the project, which sees us create an avatar tailored to Maggie’s Body, and undertake a second residency to develop creative ideas for a live experience.

By Grit Alone
By Charlie Cochrane

By Grit Alone' is a VR action horror adventure releasing 2024. Stranded in the Bermuda triangle of space, the narrative is a Sci-Fi anthology of dark, brutal and weird stories, each the brainchild of a different writer, including writers from Dead Space and Resident Evil. The frantic shooter gameplay is inspired by classic action horror, with enemies crawling all over the walls, ceilings and floors. Made by a tiny South West studio, Crooks Peak

VR Video Player
By Max Mason

Ever wanted to see your favorite drummer up close and personal or to sit in the middle of a 30 piece orchestra? Well now you can with the VR Video Player. This app allows the viewer to select their way through multiple 360 degree videos, providing a self directed experience. For the Empress VR event, the experience will be of the UWE Orchestras latest performance at St.Georges in Bristol, performing ‘Magnificent Seven’ by Elmer Bernstien. 

Neural Radiance Fields

Tangle Immersive will have some NeRFs to share in a VR Headset.